Prints and Digitals

Our Policy On Prints & Digital Files

Within two to three weeks after your session, we'll let you know that your images are ready to be viewed and will schedule a boutique reveal and ordering appointment.  You'll be able to see all of the fully edited images from your session during a slide show and we will then guide you through the process of picking out your favorites and ordering them in the product sizes and styles that fit your needs and budget perfectly!  Most of our sessions include a set of small proof prints of the images from your session, and they are the perfect way to help you narrow down your favorites, make your selections, and have a set of prints that are perfect for small albums or to gift to family and friends.  

Sometime during the same year that we started charging for photography, we moved to a small apartment.  We were determined to get rid of all the clutter we had amassed, and, while digging through a bunch of old boxes, we found a 3.5x5 floppy disc labeled "Jack's Baby Pictures".  Jack is our oldest, and at about this time he had just become a teenager.  We hadn't even owned a computer that used a disc ... in ... well ... probably years.  All of those pictures of an incredibly cute baby boy with bright orange curls - lost to technology.  In that same box, we had portraits of grandparents, photo albums from our own childhoods, and tons of loose pictures of family members and friends scattered across the world and across the years.  

That very day, we decided that we wanted to make sure that our clients never opened a box of pictures and albums and find an antique piece of technology that held precious photos that they couldn't extract.  We wanted to make sure that our clients only got the best.  For the longest time, we refused to give any digital images at all.  However, over the years, and many amazing clients, we have adjusted our theories and practices to fulfill needs better, and still not risk losing anything.


So, why don't we just hand you a CD full of all of the images we took and a print release and be done with it?

The first reason is simply that CDs are on their way out.  The last two Macs that we purchased didn't even have a CD drive included, we had to purchase one separately.  Storage is now smaller in size but with a bigger capacity.  Currently, USB drives are the most affordable way to hold images without using the internet.  Additionally, they can be customized - something that we have found our customers have found to be a really fun and personal touch.

The second reason is that, to us, it feels like fast food photography.  Don't get us wrong, we like the occasional drive-thru burger and fries, there's nothing wrong with a grab-and-go when necessary.  But if we're given the choice, we would prefer to go to an actual sit-down restaurant with a professional server and amazing burgers and steaks and grilled fish and salads.  We enjoy our meal much better when we know that the chef is cooking creatively in a clean kitchen, the server brings us what we need in a quick and timely manner with a smile on their face, and the bartender can pour cocktails that are a testament to chemistry.  That is the type of service we want to get, and that is the type of service we prefer to give.  When you get your pictures, we want you to feel like you've received the highest quality products with amazing service.  Satisfaction is fine, but we want you to be blown away!

It's What's Best For You

Last, but not least, we go back to where we began with the floppy disk.  After your receive your CD, you'll leave it on your desk for a couple of weeks, fully intending on running up to the drug store to print out some of your favorite images. But then, your schedule gets busy, or a kid gets sick, or you have to take an unplanned trip out of town ... or even the dreaded combination of lots of things happening at the same time.  The next thing you know, you're cleaning off your desk in a rush because company is coming over and you throw the disc in the drawer, thinking you'll get to them later. Before you know it, you've taken new family pictures and why are you going to bother with those old ones anyway?  And the cycle repeats itself.  We want you to have those beautiful images on your walls, in albums, on your desk, and in the hands of the ones that love you the most.

That being said, we do understand the value of digital images.  They are, after all, the current version of the film negatives we grew up with.  Our wedding and special occasion packages include the digital images on customized USB.  For all of our other sessions, we offer digital packages with discounts for purchasing them alongside prints.  When you receive your digitals, you will also receive a print release for them to be printed anywhere up to 8x10 size.  If you need sizes larger than that, we do strongly suggest that you order through us to receive the best quality.  We have tirelessly searched for the highest quality labs that offer fine-art heirlooms, and not just a picture.  

Pricing & Ownership

Our digital images can be purchased individually at $35 each, in a group at special pricing, or as a collection from your session.  We are often asked why our digitals are more expensive than our smaller prints.  For our new clients that are used to getting everything on a CD, it can be quite the sticker shock, and we certainly understand that.  When you pay for prints and digitals, you are paying for the time it takes us to ensure that you are receiving our very best work on your images.  Essentially, the artwork we create, starring you.  

Which brings us to another question that we are asked quite often, when the image is our artwork that features you, who owns the copyright?  Of course, that may not have occurred to you if you don't work in a field where copyrights are important, but the topic inevitably comes up.  The answer is, according to the law, we do, because ultimately, we have put our time, talent, education, experience, and professionalism into creating the images.  We have every client sign a model release form that gives us the ability to use their images in appropriate ways that you would be comfortable with - sharing on social media, our website, etc.  As a courtesy to our clients, we give you the ability to choose which venues you find acceptable to share on, and which ones you don't, if at all.  We recognize that individuals in certain jobs and families with children are sometimes uncomfortable with that level of exposure, and do our very best to respect your wishes.  Additionally, if you do give us permission to share images, we share only the ones that you loved the most, and if there are some you don't want shared, we don't.  We currently do not do the type of commercial work that would require handing over the copyright to our work, and do not offer the copyright or RAW images for sale.

RAW Images, File Formats & Quality

What is a RAW image?  Another industry-standard that most people aren't familiar with, but we are still asked about all the time.  Most professional photographers shoot sessions in the RAW setting because RAW formatted images are easier for us to manipulate and edit.  However, they are also very large and difficult to transfer.  You will receive your images in jpg format, which take up less space on your hard drive and are much easier to transfer from one system to another and share online.  It is our policy to not ever release RAW images, as the vast majority of clients don't have use for them.  Besides, it is very much like going to your favorite bakery and asking for a cupcake - but don't worry about baking it, you'll take just the flour, eggs, icing, etc.  It is our privilege to be able to give you a fully completed product, without you having to do any of the work.  Usually, when a client asks about RAW images, they're asking because they want to make sure that they get every image.  During your session, you might hear our shutter click a billion times, but then you only receive 25 images.  We go through an extensive editing process that makes sure that you don't get any images that aren't the very best - no sneezes or blinkers, everyone looking in the right direction, everything in focus (that is supposed to be), and the light and coloring is the most flattering.  


You Did It!

Thank you so much for reading all of this, it was a lot and we commend you!  We hope you understand some of the reasons behind our policies and procedures.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.  Please click the link below to get in touch with us and plan your session!